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EP review: Eaves Wilder - Hookey

A cocktail of grunge, indie and shoegaze decorated with delicate vocals

After releasing a string of critically acclaimed standalone singles since 2020, Londoner, Eaves Wilder today shares her first EP, Hookey.

Fans will be familiar with the tunes, with only 'Connect the Rooms' the only new song accompanying the three teaser singles.

Wilder continues the momentum built up since sharing her debut track, 'Won't You Be Happy' three years ago, with Hookey not veering far from her trademarks: softly sung vocals accompanying guitar-led music which veers from grunge to indie and also shoegaze.

'I Stole Your Jumper' sees Wilder fixate on taking righteous revenge on someone over an indie soundtrack which would slot in comfortably into the Britpop era. Beginning with calm Arlo Parks-esque vocals over an even beat the tempo increases into an urgent bloodlust refrain.

Grungier guitars pepper 'Are You Diagnosed?' which touches upon her experience of the mental health system growing up.

A strong start but less engaging is third single, 'Morning Rain', in which Wilder expresses her frustration with the education system in a laconic fashion. The shoegaze-y track, calming and lush as it is, is a little repetitive and one-dimensional.

Stronger is new single, 'Connect the Rooms', which, like 'Morning Rain', is slower and shoegaze-y but veers in different directions as Wilder's 'came like the breeze' refrain, conveying the acceptance she has found in herself, washes over the thoughtfully plucked electric guitar soundscape. This track has a comforting, calming quality to it and sees Hookey out beautifully.

Showing shades of Wolf Alice, Wilder is laying the groundwork for an exciting future in music which makes her journey worth keeping an eye on.

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