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EP REVIEW: Killah Priest - Mystery Channel

An enjoyable and entertaining listen

Mystery Channel – the upcoming EP release from prolific Brooklyn rapper, Killah Priest, is a repetitive record. Over its six songs, there are two original songs, one remix and then the three same songs as instrumentals.

Despite the odd composition, the EP is an enjoyable and entertaining listen. Lead single ‘Mystery Channel’ comprises jazzy drums, buzzing bass, horror keys and colourful lyrics, with the song similar to ‘Karma Hotel’ by early-noughties American hip-hop group, Spooks. The song could easily join Halloween playlists and is good fun for it.

‘Snake with Wings’ then kicks off with a cool guitar intro, reminiscent of something Ty Segall would come up with, but this gets sidelined by an annoying sample a minute in which stays in a loop rather than having the decency to leave. With the lyrics harder to make out, the song is definitely the support act of the two original tunes.

Tall Black Guy adds his remix skills to ‘Mystery Channel – Tall Black Guy Remix’ to bring a smoky jazz flavour to the title track. More chilled out than the original, it’s a good addition to the collection.

With backfilling from the three aforementioned tracks as instrumentals, the EP plays out as one long reprise but it’s no bad thing hearing the title track and its Tall Black Guy remix without the lyrics; if only ‘Snakes with Wings’ had chosen a different path than the tinny looped sample…

Mystery Channel is out on Friday (11 August) via 600 Block Records

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