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An intense dystopian war thriller with pockets of political commentary

Billed as potentially the most controversial film of 2024, Civil War takes place in an alternate version of modern-day America. As the whole of the country is divided and citizens fight one another endlessly, a group of journalists road trip their way to Washington DC to get an interview with the President, encountering pockets of America along the way.

As a thriller, this film works very well. This recognisable yet dystopian version of America, where danger lurks around every corner, is engrossing and makes for many intense scenes. Essentially a zombie apocalypse movie without the zombies, our likeable leads are unable to trust anyone they meet throughout the film.

Being about what it’s about, you’d think Civil War would have a lot to say about the political situation in America and would give a definitive stance on the divide, leaving the audience, if not enlightened, then at least ponderous. Instead, the film is surprisingly apolitical, told from the neutral point of view of a photojournalist. Jesse Plemons steals the show in his brief but memorable scene and offers the most commentary as he asks: "What kind of American are you?" But the rest of the film seemingly says more about the destructive nature of violence and the disconnect between journalists and war than the political situation itself.

If you’re expecting a divisive film that picks a side of the political debate in America, you may be a little disappointed. But if you can enjoy an intense dystopian war thriller with pockets of commentary, Civil War should get your vote.

Rating: 7/10

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