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FILM REVIEW: Infinity Pool

In Infinity Pool, husband and wife James and Em are on holiday in a strange country where they meet another eccentric couple. After a terrible accident, James is handed over to the authorities who give him a get-out-of-jail-free card which involves, simply put for the sake of spoilers, cloning. Exonerated from his crime, James now finds himself falling deeper and deeper into the country’s dark, demented culture.

An intriguing concept for sure, the film unfortunately forgets to portray any motivation for the characters or give the audience a reason to care. Mia Goth’s performance as a crazed holiday-er is at least watchably jarring but Alexander Skarsgård is just bland as the hapless fool who gets entangled in this situation. The rest of the film consists of extended sequences of violence, orgies, and all different types of bodily fluids.

The film is impressively directed with some beautiful shots of the anonymous country and trippy visuals that do well to make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. But trippy visuals are not enough to make a good movie and, at a point, the only entertainment value Infinity Pool has to offer is seeing just how much weirdness they can put up on screen, which just ends up being funny.

The trippy visuals and intriguing but ill-explored concept of Infinity Pool can only keep the audience’s attention for so long before the unlikeable characters and aimless plot start to grate. But more than anything, this is just a film that is weird for the sake of being weird.

Rating: 2/10

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