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FILM REVIEW: The Marvels

As forgettable and disposable as most of the other projects being churned out right now by MCU

Fifteen years into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and required viewing for these films has never been more necessary. A sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel, but also a follow-up to the Disney+ shows WandaVision, Ms. Marvel, and presumably Secret Invasion (the only MCU show that this reviewer didn’t finish), The Marvels sees the all-powerful Carol Danvers teaming up with old friend, Monica Rambeau, and teenage super-fan, Kamala Khan, to take down a Kree warrior hellbent on generic take-over-the-world villainy.

While Brie Larson gets to show a bit more personality as Danvers/Captain Marvel than in her previous appearances, almost acting as the cool older sister of the group, Iman Vellani is the heart and soul as Kamala/Ms. Marvel, driving the film with her infectious fangirl attitude. Our trio also get some entertaining action scenes thanks to the body-swapping mechanic in which our trio trade places whenever they use their powers simultaneously, a useless narrative device though it may be.

Beyond that, The Marvels has nothing else to make it stand out. The villain plot is the very definition of basic, Zawe Ashton not being allowed to show off her talents, and the film has so many opportunities for elevation that it does nothing with. Young Kamala realising that her idol isn’t everything she thought she was, or Danvers and Rambeau’s troubled history: both plot points get one mention and then retreat behind generic MCU fluff.

The Marvels may be aptly named, as it represents everything the studio stands for currently: blandly entertaining moments, but as forgettable and disposable as most of the other projects being churned out right now. The mid-credits scene promises excitement for the future, but unless Marvel change their ways soon, this excitement will be misplaced.

Rating: 5/10

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