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Introducing 5-9

Creating content. This is what I do in my job and what I have been doing pretty much my whole career.

Before that, there was writing for the student newspaper at the University of Leeds, creating a football analysis website called 'The False Nine' and writing for all four national rugby league publications (yes, there are that many!).

Since leaving behind university and embarking into the world of work, I've continued to seek a creative outlet, setting up a rugby league club and promoting the venture for a couple of years and latterly, writing on music for Gigwise for a year.

The output merely skims the surface of what I'd like to be creating and, having canned a few projects (presenting on hospital radio and covering Reading Women FC for the excellent Football in Berkshire website) due to the pace of my new job and looking after my young son, I didn't want to be without an outlet for the ideas which pop into my head.

5-9 is that outlet.

I can't promise a prolific output, but will do my best to keep the blog updated and entertaining/interesting for those whose orbit this reaches.

As well as an indulgent vehicle for my thoughts and ideas, I wanted to amplify the thoughts of others who create content outside of their day job.

This will diversify the content on this website and hopefully extend the reach of the good work they are doing.

I'm delighted that Patrick Mooty will be sharing his film reviews for 5-9 and taking the lead in this area. You can catch up with his reviews on his 'Reel Film Fan' Instagram page.

I'm also excited to get going with a new podcast called 'Album of the Month' with contributions from Karl Blakesley who runs an excellent and comprehensive blog on the latest releases in the world of music and Kiley Larsen - the head honcho of Mama Mañana Records and creator of Check This Out, an entertaining new music newsletter. Matthew McLister, who runs the awesome indie and alternative new music website, Blinded by the Floodlights, is also on board, and hopefully we will have a larger roster of independent music bloggers as this progresses too.

If you're interested in contributing, email me at

Let's go!


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