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March 2023's music blogger roundtable

Bringing together music bloggers to discuss music highlights from March

Starting this month on 5-9 is a music roundtable, where we'll ask a group of independent music bloggers for their highlights from the previous month.

Joining 5-9 editor, Andrew Belt, to answer the questions are:

Sophie (otherwise known as Purpl Mac) who is a new music fan lover from Belgium.

She likes to support new indie & alternative music bands by featuring them on her show/podcast, playlists and on social media.

She is also a lover of music on vinyl growing her collection of physical copies and digital copies on bandcamp.

Outside of 5-9, Andrew Lambert can be found ranting and raving about all things music related on HeadStuff where he is Music Editor, or in print for Totally Dublin, The Thin Air and The GOO.

Adam Reeve is an editor/writer + other things-er for various places over many years. Currently for Dead Good Music - a music blog that pairs music and oranges together like you wouldn't believe.

Andy Peterson is a music writer for Live4ever Media and runs the Voice of Unreason music blog. In his own words, he says: “I’ve been writing about music for various places on the internet since 2007. So many records, so little time.”

Now, we've met the panel, onto the questions!

5-9: What have you enjoyed listening to in March?

Geography by Tom Misch has been appreciated by Adam

Sophie: I always listen to various artists for my show and my playlists, most of them on the underground scene, but who really deserve to get more exposure. I will only share three of them otherwise I could go on for a long time!

Scottish band BROWNBEAR released a second album, Demons, and it is full of well written and perfectly executed indie songs. You can also see the enthusiasm of the fans on Twitter. The first album was really very good but the new one reached the next level.

I was also impressed with the debut single of a German shoegaze band called THE VIRGINIA PLANES who delivered the perfect shoegaze song which should please lovers of classic 90s bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Lush or more recently. Blushing.

Finally, American indie pop duo SEASAW released an excellent single, Like I love you. If you love Wet Leg, you should like this band a lot.

Andrew Lambert: It's been a stacked month, probably the best of the 2023 so far! New albums from Slowthai, 100 Gecs, Danny Brown/JPEGMAFIA and Lana Del Rey have been most heavily in my rotation. It's also been a great month for Irish music - I've really enjoyed the second album from Ailbhe Reddy, and Lankum have just dropped a very early AOTY contender in False Lankum.

Adam Reeve: I've really fallen back in love with Tom Misch this month. His album Geography is one of my favourites, but I've been diving into his discography a lot lately and really like everything he's put out so far.

5-9: What's been the best album for you this month?

False Lankum is Andrew's best from March

Andrew: It's got to be False Lankum for me - a masterful fourth record from Lankum who continue to mine gold from fusing their traditional folk with haunting ambient noise.

Adam: Has to be Black Country, New Road's Live At Bush Road. Sensational live album with all new songs that knock it out of the park. Excited to see them in October.

Sophie: Australian band Flyying Colours released a new album, You Never Know, featuring a mix of shoegaze, dream pop and indie pop infused songs. It has been on repeat this month.

Andy Peterson: Brothers & Sisters by Steve Mason.

5-9: What's the best song you've heard this month?

100 gecs

Andy: 'Hard Feelings' by Beach Weather.

Adam: Wolforna's 'Break You' has been on repeat quite a lot the last couple of weeks. It's the perfect song to drag yourself through a run or when you wanna let off some steam.

Sophie: The Bankrobber are an Italian indie rock band and their latest single, Always Wrong, is everything fans of indie rock bangers will love. I recommend it to all the nostalgic Arctic Monkeys fans who miss the sound of their earlier albums.

Andrew: 'Dumbest Girl Alive' is peak 100 gecs and probably my favourite album opener of the year to date.

5-9: What's the best gig you've been to this month?

Gel - Andy's gig pick of the month

Adam: I checked out the local scene and went to an open mic night at The Edge [in Basildon] which isn't too far from me. Four artists from the area played, headlined by We Punch Tigers. It was everything you could want from a local gig.

Andrew: Ispini na hEireann's long awaited album launch in The Grand Social [in Dublin] was an absolute barnstormer. The same weekend I saw Death Cab For Cutie in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre - turns out DCFC is now officially 'Hipster Dad Rock' so the theatre was an ideal venue for all of us bearded 30-somethings to rock out from the comfort of a chair, especially after the two-day Ispini hangover.

Andy: Gel at Boom [in Leeds].

5-9: What are you most looking forward to next month?

boygenius's The Record - out on the last day in March but sure to be played a lot in April

Sophie: I am looking forward to new albums by The National (the first singles are excellent), Teleman (I really loved the single 'Short Life' a lot) and The Bankrobber who should soon release a new album.

Andy: New albums from Daughter (their first in seven years) and Everything But The Girl (first in 14!).

Andrew: It's technically released on the last day of March but boygenius' full length LP is guaranteed to be my most played album of April. I'm also really looking forward to new albums from The National and Indigo De Souza, but it's undoubtedly Phoebe, Lucy and Julien who are going to own next month for me.

Adam: I know it's out at the end of March but The Record by boygenius. One of my most anticipated albums of the year. The singles have been great, so hoping the album is a blast too.

Thanks for taking part in 5-9's first monthly roundtable and look forward to catching up next month!

To keep up to date with Sophie's shows, podcasts and more follow her on Twitter - @macaronpurpl - or on Instagram - @purplemacpodcast.

For Andrew: Twitter and Instagram - @lambertandrew91.

For Andy: @ArcticReviews on Twitter and @vormusicblog on Instagram.

For Adam: @adamsoundsgood and @deadgoodblog on Twitter.

For a further deep dive into last month's music, keep an eye out for 5-9's Album of the Month podcast coming out in mid-April.

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