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PODCAST: Album of the Month - November 2023

New Music Weekly⁠'s Karl Blakesley and ⁠Check This Out⁠'s Kiley Larsen join ⁠5-9⁠ editor, Andrew Belt, to run the rule over five albums released in November 2023; namely, Integrated Tech Solutions by Aesop Rock, Hadsel by Beirut, LIGHT+ by Crystal Fighters, Little Bit of Sun by Semisonic and Here Come the Early Nights by Spector.

Running order:

  1. Our month in music

  2. Integrated Tech Solutions

  3. Hadsel

  4. LIGHT+

  5. Little Bit of Sun

  6. Here Come the Early Nights

  7. The Verdict

With songs played from each of the albums, as well as detailed discussions on each release before choosing a winner, the podcast offers a deep dive on the five records chosen.

Listen to the podcast below:

Choose the 5th album for the January 2024 Album of the Month podcast

  • Bring Me the Horizon - Post Human: Next Gen

  • Future Islands - People Who Aren't There Anymore

  • Gruff Rhys - Sadness Sets Me Free

  • The Vaccines - Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations


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