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PODCAST: Album of the Month - March 2023

New Music Weekly's Karl Blakesley and Check This Out's Kiley Larsen join 5-9 editor, Andrew Belt, to run the rule over five albums released in March 2023; namely, boygenius's the record, Lies by LIES, M83's Fantasy, Rides On by The Nude Party and Yves Tumor's Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds).

Running order:

  1. A look back at March 2023 in the world of music, including a special EP release

  2. the record

  3. Lies

  4. Fantasy

  5. Rides On

  6. Praise a Lord...

  7. The verdict

With songs played from each of the albums, as well as detailed discussions on each release, the podcast offers a deep dive on the five records chosen.

Listen to the 2.5-hour podcast below:

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